Approximately 1/5 of the workers of industrial enterprises, who, with the routine approach, are evaluated as “normotonic,” in the case of this approach with the use of SADM fall into the group of “hypertensive patients at work”
(Stork J. et al., 1992). Even greater differences are noted here in studies J.D. Kobalava and KM Gudkov (2004).
More often, hypertension in the workplace is detected in especially stress-load and professions close to this, with an increase in other pro-hypertensive factors (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, etc.). In such a Drugstore Meds
psychogenic load profession, as a locomotive driver, I.V. Osipova et al. (2004) obtained the following data. Daily monitoring art
In a filled state, the bubble is round, and then it justifies its name. Inside it is lined with a mucous membrane, which, in turn, is provided with a sealing layer. This thin layer provides the watertightness of the bladder, and
due to it very strongly concentrated urine accumulates in the bladder. If the bladder were not so well isolated, moisture would get into it from the surrounding tissues, or, conversely, urine could get back into the body. This
principle is called osmosis [27], and it explains why cherries burst from summer rain. The fact is that the particles dissolved in different liquids tend to balance the degree of their concentration. In this example, rain (low
sugar content) and cherry Online Pharmacy com (high sugar content) tend to balance. That is, rainwater slowly seeps into the cherry, as long as the cherry can withstand pressure. Although the sealing layer in the bladder allows some metabolism and
moisture, but not to the same extent as it happens, for example, in the small intestine. In fact, the goal is to absorb substances, and not to excrete them. The insulating layer of the bladder is also important as protection
against bacteria.
From a cultural and historical point of view, the bladder is not as praised as the penis or testicles. And yet ... the Eskimos believe that the soul lives in the hollow organ of the seals, so they collect the bladders of dead
animals. Once a year, the Eskimos arrange a festive ceremony: they inflate and colorfully paint the bladders of the seals and return them to the sea as a tribute to the animals and a guarantee of success for the next hunting
season. But the soul of a pig, according to medieval beliefs, did not dwell in the bladder. This body was used in an inflated state like a ball or, pulling it onto a window frame, as glass. But let's go back to the human bladder.
Starting from a certain degree Drug Generic Store of filling of the bladder, a message about the situation is sent to the brain, or rather to the stem part of the brain, this is the area between the brain and the spinal cord. The stem part must
now decide: to release urine from the bladder or not. Since we still want to finish the game and maybe even skip a beer, we decided to wait for the toilet: the cerebral cortex slows down the urination center in the brain stem,
and we continue to play cards. Online Drugstore Meds Having made a grand move with a jack, we can finally go to the restroom. By the way, from the urological point of view for reasons of intimate hygiene, it makes sense to wash your hands before
visiting the toilet - just imagine how much everyone is on our hands. Take at least these old sticky playing cards with a musty smell ... After going to the toilet, we wash our hands more out of respect for others, remembering
how much everyone Discount Pharmacy Meds can be in the area of ​​our genitals.
And here we are in the toilet, and the cerebral cortex ceases to restrain the brain stem. He announces to the muscles of the bladder about our intention to urinate on the spinal cord; muscles tense in response. At the same time,
the internal and external sphincters relax, and urine can be lowered.
Small children, until their brain has reached final maturity, are not yet able to restrain the urethra, located in the brainstem. Therefore, spontaneous urination occurs at regular intervals. Plus, the kids are still not as
bright as adults, the rhythm of day and night is pronounced, which is probably known to everyone who has children. Therefore, at night, the child produces as much urine as it does during the day, and adults produce half the
daily amount.